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Q. How do distillers work?
A. Distillers work by heating water until it vaporizes, or turns to steam. The steam is then condensed back into pure water and stored, typically in a stainless steel reservoir.

Is this the best type of system for my water?
This depends on the quality of the source water. Generally, if the water to be filtered is municipally-treated city water low in minerals, then carbon block filtration systems are the lowest cost and easiest to maintain. If the water is very high in minerals, then a reverse osmosis system or distiller that removes minerals, salts and chemicals may be desired. Many people prefer distillers over reverse osmosis however, because distilled water is always of high purity, unlike filters or reverse osmosis systems which can vary in quality depending on the age and condition of the filters and membranes.

How do I know what it is in my water?
If you are on city water, your local water utility must meet very strict Federal and State standards for purity. Almost all municipally treated water is chlorinated, and this can affect taste and create odors in the water. If you are on a private well or spring, you could have your water tested, and you also may want to contact our technical staff for help in selecting your system.

Will distillers remove hardness minerals or cut down on scale build-up, white-spotting in coffee pots, etc.?
A. Yes. All minerals and salts are removed in the distillation process.

Can I have my distiller at a remote location and have distilled water from a separate faucet near my sink?
Yes. You can install the distiller in the garage or basement, and use a small delivery pump system to pump the water to the pure water faucet.

Will these systems remove lead?
Yes, distillers remove lead and heavy metals.

Q. Will these systems remove, bacteria, parasites or cysts?
Yes. All bacteria, viruses, parasites and cysts are killed in the boiling process.

Are these systems noisy?
No, although one does hear the condenser fan running, but it is fairly quiet.

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